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For every $100M in market cap, we are giving away a
Lambo to one of our wallet holders.
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$SEGS Tokenomics

The SEGSEU token is built to be a sustainably liquid token. To avoid small whales creating rug-pulls, and largely unsustainable price-movements in a DeFi world there must be a large liquidity pool.

Here’s how it works: With the ultimate Price Discovery goal of $100B we are are minting a token supply of 100 billion tokens on our quest to $1.

Starting with a large pool is easy. Instead of an ICO (recently made illegal in the US by the SEC), we have decided to place half of the total token supply into a liquidity pool in presale, which will be locked for 6 months initially, and then relocked in 6 months once we renounce ownership and turn the token over to the community.

To keep the liquidity pool large and liquid, we have to provide an incentive for people to contribute to the pool. To do this 3% of every transaction will be taken and sent directly into the liquidity pool. Anybody is allowed to join the liquidity pool, and if they do they will receive a proportional amount of the liquidity fee for being part of the pool. The fee punishes sellers, and rewards people who stake liquidity.

A large developer wallet exists solely for the purpose of giveaways. Every 100 million dollars the market cap increases, a Lambo will be given to a random wallet-holder.

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Have SEGS in a lambo this summer.

For every $100M in market cap, we are giving away a
lambo to one of our wallet holders.

“All of our favorite charities are already supported by our favorite
tokens today. So, we’re giving our community what they want: Lambos (and a DeLorean)”

— Robert Tedders


How To Purchase SEGS via Pancake Swap and Trust Wallet in Less Than 10 Steps!

1. Download the Trust Wallet app from your app store

2. Open the app and create a wallet, be sure to write down your Seed Phrase so you can recover your wallet if you ever need to. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR SEED PHRASE/PRIVATE KEYS TO ANYONE EVER

3. Press the settings icon on the top right of the screen and enable the slider for Smart Chain (BNB)

4. Go back to the Tokens page and click on the Smart Chain BNB token, and click “BUY” in the top right corner, you can buy a minimum of $50 worth of BNB via Simplex and a Debit transfer

5. Once purchased, click the DApps button on the bottom of the screen and search for Pancake Swap and open it. You may have to hit “connect” on the top right of the Pancake Swap screen to connect it to Trust Wallet.

6. Once you are connected, you will see your available BNB balance in the “From” swap field, in the “To” swap field, hit “select a currency” and paste the SEGS contract address: 0x9f66a7b29c123a1a4461bd1988d0aea0a3bb379b

7. Select the SEGS token and it will populate in the “To” swap field, enter the amount of BNB you want to swap for SEGS, or hit the “MAX” button to swap all.

8. Press the settings icon above your BNB balance and enter 12% for Slippage Tolerance and press the X

9. Press “Swap” and “Confirm Swap” on the following screen.

10. Get SEGSy! 🚀🚀🚀



  • May 2019

    Creation of the idea of

  • 2021



Let us introduce you to the team that
will make it all happen.

Alex Vandiike

Senior Software Engineer

Chidi Nkwocha

Senior Blockchain Engineer, Solidity Expert

Nick Belo

Minister of Operations /UI/UX designer

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